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Cevre Hair Transplantation Hospital

One of the first private hospitals of Turkey; Çevre Hospital is standing out with its improvements.

Tuesday, 02. September 2014

Perfection of FUE Becoming Boon in Hair Restoration

By hairtransplantationcevre, 13:54

The procedures for Hair restoration is always in high demand owing to their aesthetic importance and over thirty years the process gave average results  and not much satisfactory up to one’s expectation. However, with the introduction of Follicular Unit Transplant and now more advanced Follicular Unit Extraction has revolutionized the world of cosmetic surgery and give a new hope to the patients suffering from hair problems.

The technique of Follicular Unit Extraction after the extensive years of research and innovation yielded appreciable and purely naturally looking hairs that make it the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey. The technology involves directly uprooting the follicle units at skin level from the donor sites to the recipient sites without using lancets, so it does not involves a sutures. It is relatively less painful treatment in comparison to FUT.

Some of the advantages associated with FUE is it involves only temporary scars that heals very swiftly; yields excellent results as possible to transplant up to 4000 grafts in one session, that means 6000-9000 hairs in one go as there are 1-4 hair per follicular unit and these grafts lasts long; owing to minimal incisions on scalp, it guarantees speedy recovery, in 10-14 days patients restores normalcy with no negative effects.

With the advent of FUE, this technology has revolutionized his life with full of joy with painless hair treatment and with remarkable results without any complications, it becomes one of the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey. In world of cosmetic surgery, it is a wonderful evidence of pure perfection.

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Monday, 04. August 2014

How to maintain the health of your hair

By hairtransplantationcevre, 12:16

Long beautiful and healthy hair is something which has always been desired by women for ages. There are many ways to grow your hairs and also to make sure that they remain healthy and strong. For centuries, women have been trying various means to ensure that the glow and shine of their hair retains for life long. There are many natural elements like lemon, milk, egg yolk etc. have been used, and many hair nourishing shampoos, conditioners etc. are being used. All of these have proved to be quite effective; however, there are some other options which could be tried in order to get a better and quick result. 

It is a very and habit to keep you hair wet after you have taken a bath. Please make sure you have dried your hair properly after every time you have taken a bath. If water is allowed to retain, it would gradually rot the root of your hair, which would eventually result in hair loss. Dry and avoid using hair driers. Hot air could be very dangerous for your hair. Use your finger tips to massage the scalp regularly as it would ensure proper blood circulation and would help to make your hair stronger it also helps to grow new hairs. There is one more way, which has proved to be very effective and has been adopted by many people. That is to rub the nails of both of your hands against each other. 

Hair transplantation has proved to be a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. Hair transplantation in Istanbulis very famous, it is very costly at the same time.

Friday, 06. June 2014

Top 10 tips for Summer Hair Care: keep your hair protected

By hairtransplantationcevre, 12:50

Summer time brings lots of fun and opportunity to play outdoor sports. But sun exposure and dust and dirt often makes skin and hair messy this time. During summer hair needs special care for maintaining its natural sheen and shine, and this special care is also required for transplanted hair.

Here 10 best summer hair care tips are mentioned available from one of the best hair transplantation Turkey centers.

• Avoid chlorinated water as much as possible; while swimming use hair cap to keep hair safe from damage.

• Those who have to face over sun exposure, they should use SPF added live in conditioner. Regular use of it after bath will keep hairs shiny and well-managed.

• Wear a hat compulsory when you are going outside. This will keep your hairs protected from damage.

• Get your cur short. This is especially applicable for men. Women having long hair should keep their hair tied up in pony tail or by making a bun.

• Massage your hair lightly with hair vitalizer/hair tonic recommended for transplanted hair. Get the recommendations from a reputable hair clinic that in known as one of the best hair transplantation Turkey centers.

• Do not use blow dryers or hair styling products on your hair during summer season.

• Use herbal shampoo/mild shampoo during summer. It will keep your transplanted hair shiny and naturally attractive.

• Instead of using chemical based hair conditioner you can use beer for conditioning of your hair during summer. It will keep your hair care natural and cost effective.

• Those have oily hair scalp problem can add pinch baking soda in their shampoo. This will keep your hair clean and frizz-free during hottest summer and humid weather.

• Drink lots of water and fruit juice; it will keep your entire system hydrated. When your body will remain rightly hydrated, it will impact positively on your hair health as well.

These hair care tips are recommended by all hair care experts. Even the best hair transplantation Turkey center also suggests these tips for their patients’ post-surgery for their summer hair care.

Thursday, 10. April 2014

Hair transplantation in Istanbul is an enhanced medical terminology

By hairtransplantationcevre, 10:04

The most amazing metropolitan city known as ‘Istanbul’ has various excellent characteristics to provide your holiday peacefully and in the best jovial way. Istanbul is the one and only metropolitan city on this planet which reaches across the two continents. Experiencing, Istanbul’s magnificent access in the Christian Byzantine empires and Ottoman, as the history states within the contemporary city.

Istanbul has recently taken growth in a progressively more preferred destination for patients seeking to travel overseas for hair transplant surgery. The tourists for medical visit to Turkey from countries like US, Europe and UK because of high medical prices in their respective countries. Addition to these, Hair Transplant in Istanbul has become very distinct and very popular between these health tourists because the facilities of the art.

Most of the typical and dangerous diseases which is related to the loss of a person’s hair now – a - days are because of thyroid diseases, the deficiency of iron, auto - immune disorders for hormonal imbalance which includes the enhanced changed estrogens or progesterone degrees or male hormones. Loss of hair requires earlier treatment and diagnosis of females and males who usually creates a vast difference in a person’s life. Hair transplant in Istanbul specializes in medical hair transplants methods and techniques for both men and women.

The hair transplant techniques enacted in Istanbul has deviated into a better options for patients across the globe, because of the cosmetic hair surgeries and of the hospitals clinics in Istanbul keeps care of high quality.